timeline of the events on kilimanjaro
compiled by Hartmut Andres

This timeline provides a brief chronological overview of the events on Kilimanjaro between 1848 and 1918: the first contacts between Europeans and Wachagga and the colonial conquest of the Kilimanjaro region.

It focuses on the following people:

Mangi Rindi of Moshi and
his son and successor Mangi Meli
Mangi Sina of Kibosho
Mangi Mlyelyari (Marealle) of Marangu

Carl Peters
Kurt Johannes
Moritz Merker
Bruno Gutmann

It is based on German sources of the time, and above all on the following publications:

Kathleen M. Stahl: History of the Chagga, People of Kilimanjaro
Gabriel Ogunniyi Ekemode: German rule in north-east Tanzania, 1885 – 1914
Henry Louis Gates, Emmanuel Akyeampong, and Steven J. Niven: Dictionary of African Biography

picture credits

Sammlung Hans Meyer:
Europeana (https://www.europeana.eu/de)

Archive of the Leipzig Mission: 
University of Southern California